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Friday Afternoon Video: Kanye West ft Chris Martin - Homecoming

Happy Homecoming Friday!

Tom Pennington

That Good old Baylor Line
That Good old Baylor Line
We'll march forever down the years
As long as stars shall shine
We'll fling our Green and Gold afar
To light the ways of time
And guide us as we onward go
That good old Baylor Line.

Something that I recently learned from the Baylor website:

History behind "That Good Old Baylor Line"

In 1906 a student penned humorous words to the tune of "In the Good Old Summer Time," and they became generally accepted among the student body as the school song.

That good old Baylor line,
That good old Baylor line.
Where will Texas U. be when our stars begin to shine?
They'll wish they were at home again, done up in turpentine.
The day our backs come up the field,
That good old Baylor line.

However, in 1931, Mrs. Enid Eastland Markham, wife of music professor Robert Markham, feeling the words were not dignified enough nor representative of the total University, wrote new lyrics which were presented in chapel in November and soon sanctioned as the official school song.

So thank you to Mrs. Enid Eastland Markham and Happy Homecoming!