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Friday Afternoon Video: Royals by Lorde

We don't care. We're driving Cadillacs in our dreams.

See what I did there?
See what I did there?
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

What were you doing when you were 17? Releasing international hit songs? Yeah, me neither.

From the precocious songstress herself:

lately i've been waking up at 4 or 5 a.m., turning things over in my head. so much to think about, so much to break down and process and decide. i'm only at the beginning, but it has always been important to me that everything feels cool, feels right. this song means a hell of a lot to me, and to others, and i guess what i tried to do is make something you could understand. a lot of people think teenagers live in this world like 'skins' every weekend or whatever, but truth is, half the time we aren't doing anything cooler than playing with lighters, or waiting at some shitty stop. that's why this had to be real. and i'm at that particular train station every week. those boys are my friends. callum's wearing a sweater that used to belong to me. so it all feels right, and i can sleep. thanks for being with me all the way so far -- so much to come, such great heights. i'm just getting started. enjoy xx