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FAV: Legends of the Hidden Temple

Long-time readers of the blog probably know already that as a child, I was almost as cuckoo for the Nickelodeon show Legends of the Hidden Temple as I was for cocoa puffs. Now we can relive the majesty together.

Long story short, I fell into a Grantland loop (like a Wiki loop, but not quite as educational) this morning after reading Rembert Browne's latest "Rembert Explains the '90s" about the last episode of Saved By the Bell, another seminal influence in my childhood. That article led me to Rembert's previous works, including one from this past March about Legends of the Hidden Temple. Every now and again I find myself remembering how much I love this show, the last time prior to this being when Jon Bois penned his magnum opus about the show on the mothership in February.

I adored this show; I know I'm not alone on that. And when I found Rembert's article, which I somehow hadn't already read when it first went up, it all came rushing back to me: the color-coordinated teams with their t-shirts and mostly-alliterative names; the girls who were almost always a head taller than the boys because they matured faster; the awesome, pure-90s costume they made Kirk Fogg wear, the terrible prizes that weren't terrible at the time because I had to have them; and most of all, my absolute conviction that I could have dominated this show had I been given the chance between the ages of 11 and 13. Rembert captured it all, and I loved him for it.

Sadly, though, the YouTube video he embedded into his post didn't work, so I was unable to relive those feelings in the proper way by eschewing productivity completely today in favor of hours and hours of LOTHT. Thankfully, Youtube user "OlmecFan25" came to my rescue by not only uploading every episode in the show's history, but also creating and uploading their own custom LOTHT-related productions. OlmecFan25's passion is simultaneously awe-inspiring and terrifying, the true sign of genius.

Below I've embedded the missing episode from Rembert's piece about Galileo's Cannonball. Enjoy it as I did. After that, watch the Master of the Hidden Temple, Zach, of the Silver Snakes. He ran the Temple as no one before or since.

Thank you, OlmecFan25. Thank you, Rembert. And, of course, thank you Zach, of the Silver Snakes.