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Friday Afternoon Video: Vampire Weekend

Clever. Like a sledgehamer.

Jamie Squire

Partly because pulling this many all-nighters in one week makes me feel more than a little bit dead right now, but mainly because Vampire Weekend is out with a new album this week titled Modern Vampires of the City, this week's FAV comes from Vampire Weekend. If I'm being honest, they're more 'hit or miss' for me than consistent indie rock stars that some peg them for, but, hey, what matters is what you do next and from what I can tell what Vampire Weekend has done next is put out a collection of songs that don't have lyrics/parts that grate on me like a 16 year old complaining about only getting a BMW 3 series instead of the M5 like they wanted. Which is good.

So, without further ado, and let's be honest, there wasn't much ado in there, here's Vampire Weekend's video Ya Hey, because did you really think I was going to pick 'Diane Young/Dyin Young' or 'Unbelievers' over a play off of Yhwh on a Baylor blog? Come now.

If you like, you can see/listen to a 45 minute show for free on Vevo.