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Friday Afternoon Video: Emeli Sandé ft Kendrick Lamar

Because how many Scottish black women with short blond hair who studied medicine for 4 years and have voices powerful enough to blow the doors off this place do you know?

Julian Finney

If I'm being honest, until preparing today's FAV, I knew Emeli Sandé as the Euro singer who sounded something like a cross between Beyoncé and Alicia Keys. I had no idea that she's a 26 year old Scot who studied Medicine for 4 years at the University of Glasgow because she wanted something to fall back on and who has heretofore been known more for her songwriting abilities in writing for artists like Cheryl Cole, Rihanna and Leona Lewis. I had some vague notion that she was popular in the UK, but not that she had the best selling album in the UK in 2012 or that she performed at both the Opening Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies for London 2012 Summer Olympics.

But I did know that she has a voice to which I enjoy listening, which is really the main criteria if you're looking to add an appearance on the highly prestigious* ODB Friday Afternoon Video to your résumé. So here's Emeli Sandé with Kendrick Lamar in their video for Next to Me.

If you're interested in hearing/seeing more of Emeli, you can click here or here.

*not really