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Friday Afternoon Video: Sleigh Bells - Bitter Rivals

New from Sleigh with more college football!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

For those who are familiar with Sleigh Bells, I'm excited to inform/remind you that they have a new album out titled Bitter Rivals. For those who are unfamiliar, I'd encourage you to give them a chance. They're different in a way that will annoy many on their first listen - loud, brash, combining discordant styles of music in ways that turn many off. Despite this, when Sleigh Bells are at their best, the challenge to get past the initial "What is this racket?!" response is rewarded by some excellent, loud, adrenaline-inducing music. I'm not exactly sure why music from their one and a half year old album is just making the rounds on TV commercials now, but I'm glad they're getting a chance at a wider audience.

The Friday Afternoon Video this week is the title track off of their new album and offers me the chance to combine music that I like, music that Mark Seymour will almost assuredly hate and college football jerseys. What could be better? Happy Friday.