Coach McGuire to interview with Tech


Yikes! I know it's wishful thinking, but I want Coach McGuire to stay at Baylor forever!

Dave Aranda may have looked up Gary Patterson coaching videos on Napster


Given the time-frames here, it's entirely possible that Aranda was searching for these videos on Napster. There's definite overlap between Aranda's early coaching career, particularly at Texas Tech, and Napster's rise and fall.

PSA: Please Do Not Wear This Shirt


As much as I hate going against a local business in any way, I am going to make an exception this one time. Barefoot Waco is a wonderful store that has, I am sure, thousands of other options for shirts you could buy for Saturday's game. You should visit their store or website and find one you like! But not this one. This is not our thing. This is their (points down the Brazos) thing. Let it be their thing.

Dillon Doyle: "Baylor is the best thing that ever happened to me."


"Baylor is the best thing that ever happen to me," Doyle said, his voice cracking. "I want you to quote me saying that. I’m so thankful to coach [head coach Dave] Aranda and coach [Ron] Roberts and my teammates … [He named nine teammates.] … I could go down the list. It makes me emotional talking about those guys. I hope I show that with how hard I play every Saturday. I love those guys. It’s so fun to have the opportunity to make them proud."

Check out this aticle in Sice'm365


The single digit numbers have been released!!!!!

Jared Butler NBA draft profile


NBC Sports Philadelphia profiles Jared Butler as a possible 2nd round draft target for the 76ers.

Recruiting Rank


They have us at number 21 for the recruiting. Last year we were 35. What a big jump! Another surprise is Kansas who has made the top 40!

Díadeloso 2020 official storefront


With the Coronapocalypse in full effect, Díadeloso--Baylor's annual spring student holiday--will be happening virtually on April 21st, 2020. An official storefront is online, with all proceeds going to the President's Excellence Fund, which is immediately available and serving students impacted by COVID-19. Happy Día!

One Shining Moment -- 2020 MBB


A certain editor-in-chief of ODB put together this excellent One Shining Moment highlight video. Posting it here for greater visibility. Sic 'em!

Says we we will be #1 seed


Bracketology: Projecting the NCAA Tournament field at the end of February