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DBR: Wednesday, August 9th, 2023

It’s Been Fun, Now It’s Time for Games

After lots of sightseeing, both the men’s and women’s squads got to work with scrimmages today! The men had a great showing, and Ja’Kobe Walter was a scoring machine, dropping 28 points.

The ladies had their first scrimmage too, you love to see it.

Volleyball Back At It

Day 1 of practice is in the books for Baylor Volleyball!

ODB Anniversary!!

One year ago today was my first ever DBR! The past year writing for OurDailyBears has been SO much fun! I like to think I’ve gotten better at these over the years, but regardless it has been SUCH A FUN YEAR getting to learn from the other ODB contributors and all y’all readers!

Here’s my favorite thing MattisBear has ever said to me. Contrary to some claims, I assure you this is NOT photoshopped.

Matt being nice to Jenna.

Bear of the Day

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s been a pleasure writing DBRs for a year, here’s to Year 2!