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DBR: Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

If you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, you will be by the end of this...

Night One Of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Los Angeles, CA Photo by Emma McIntyre/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Bears Abroad!

Here’s more updates from our basketball teams!

Preseason Coaches’ Poll

The first Coaches’ Poll for the 2023 season is here. Baylor didn’t make the cut for Top 25, but they did receive some votes. The Big 12 had five teams in the Top 25: Texas (#12), TCU (#16), Kansas State (#17), Oklahoma (#19), and Texas Tech (#24).


In case you live under a rock, Taylor Swift is five months in to her Eras Tour, selling out stadiums all across the country. Baylor football asked the guys what their favorite Taylor Swift song was, and we have a breakdown of what they answered.

Although I’m a pretty knowledgeable Taylor fan myself, I called in an EXPERT for this analysis. This is my best friend, Ellie Smrstik, and she has graciously agreed to help me by ranking the players based on their favorite Taylor Swift song!

Watch the video, then check out our commentary!


Freshman tight end Hawkins Polley is the biggest Swiftie on the Baylor football team, hands down. He went above and beyond, naming multiple favorites from different eras. Here’s a breakdown of his faves.

  • Debut Era — Our Song & Teardrops On My Guitar
  • Fearless — Love Story & Fearless
  • Red — State of Grace & Stay, Stay, Stay
  • 1989 — Shake It Off
  • Reputation — End Game
  • Lover — You Need to Calm Down, Lover, Me!

2. Palmer Williams — Paper Rings

Real Swifties know the the quality of this song. The freshmen are coming in HOT!

3. Christian Robinson — August

New coach starting off with a bang! The inside linebackers coach has fantastic taste, well done.

4. Landry Kinne — Dear John

Dear John is an AMAZING song, however our expert Ellie is not convinced Mr. Kinne has truly listened to it. Props to him if he has though!

5. BoChao Jin — Back to December

This song was JUST re-recorded in Taylor’s latest release, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). Shoutout to BoChao for keeping things current and having immaculate taste!

6. Brooks Miller & Caden Jenkins — Cruel Summer

It’s summer, it’s a great song, excellent choice guys!

7. Bryson Jackson — Fearless

This is Ellie’s favorite song off of the Fearless album so big points here! Also, it’s not a single, so the man knows his stuff.

8. Kaden Sieracki — Sparks Fly

DROP EVERYTHING NOW — this is a great pick!!

9. Hayden Arnold — Red

Another song that isn’t a single, shows Hayden’s knowledge of Taylor. Also he’s a redhead, so this has to add something?? I love this pick for him.

10. Cooper Lanz & Gavin Yates — Our Song

This is from Taylor’s first album, you gotta respect the origins.

11. RJ Martinez — You Belong With Me

My expert says this is one of the best songs ever made. Does this make him worthy of the QB1 spot? Some are saying yes. . .

12. Matt Jones & Jaden Maronen — We Are Never Getting Back Together

A fun one from the Red singles.

13. Bryce Simpson — 22

I don’t know about you. . .but you can never go wrong with this banger.

14. Cameron Bonner — I Knew You Were Trouble

It’s an okay choice, but pretty basic. Not the greatest pick.

15. Corey Gordon Jr. — “All of Them”

This is objectively the correct answer, but odds are he only knows MAYBE 12 of a Taylor song. A deeper answer would give him more credibility here.

16. Byron Vaughns, Jonah Shaw, DJ Coleman, and Richard Reese

These four are DEAD LAST because they named songs that are not even sung by Taylor Swift. Richard Reese sang Starships by Nicki Minaj, and the other three sang Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. Embarrassing.

If you’re unfamiliar with Taylor, not to worry. Here’s a Spotify playlist of all the songs mentioned in the video!

Also of note, Blake Shapen was NOT included in this video. The clock is ticking for you to share your favorite Taylor Swift songs, Blake!

Bear of the Day

Today’s Bear of the Day is Hawkins Polley because of his SPECTACULAR taste in Taylor Swift songs! Polley is a 6’4 freshman from Houston.

Have a great day y’all!