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Today is the best holiday in the world, Diadeloso! For those of you that are unfamiliar, today is Baylor’s holiday, Diadeloso or “day of the bear.” This is the 93rd year of Dia, and it’s a great day because we get a random Tuesday off from class.

There’s a lot of fun things to do on Dia, whether that’s staying on campus, going on a day trip, or partying with friends. I asked the ODB contributors what their favorite Dia memories were during their time at Baylor. Some memories couldn’t be shared due to digital footprint, but here’s some of the responses I got and some of my favorite Dia memories!

Joe Goodman (@the_joe_goodman)

“My grill outside my apartment on 12th got stolen during Dia 2011. I hope they used it well.”

Deonte Epps (@DEppsRightStepS)

Here’s Deonte living his best life on Dia 2012.

Scott BNT (@BearNTex)

“Drew pictures on big rocks with charcoal ash” Honestly not sure what this means, but it was a long time ago, so who’s to say.

Cody Orr (@Cody_Orr)

“I was too much of a rule follower to do anything scandalous on Dia. One year I went to Eskimo Hut. . .that’s about it.” We love a rule following king, Cody. Proud of you.

MattIsBear (@mattisbear)

“For legal reasons I cannot comment on the individuals or locations involved, but one time uhhhh some people uhhh went to a uhhhhh bible study off campus and drank free standing uhhh Dr Pepper out of an Igloo cooler. Those people sensed the trend of the uhhhh bible study and managed to leave uhhhhhh roughly 90 seconds before the uhhhhh Bible Study... police? showed up.”

Jenna Patteson (@jenp108)

I had SUCH a fun Dia last year! The night before my friends and I went to Waxahachie to eat at Waffle House (best restaurant on earth, if you disagree you’re wrong), and then on Dia we had the best day ever on campus! My favorite parts of the day was getting to take this dope picture with a goat and watching the NPHC performances.

Will Boles (@_willboles)

This is freshman Will’s FIRST DIA! We kicked off last night with some Pria action at the pool, stay tuned to see what happens tomorrow. . .

I hope you enjoyed this special Dia edition of the Daily Bears Report! For those of you that aren’t a Baylor student, remember that Dia isn’t a day, it’s a mindset, so enjoy your Dia wherever you are.