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DBR: Wednesday, November 15th, 2023



Baylor defeated #4 Utah 84-77 last night!! The Bears were in control from the start and played a strong game all four quarters to defeat the Utes.

The students SHOWED OUT for the game, setting a new student attendance record for women’s basketball with 980 students in attendance!!

Shoutout to Baylor marketing and fan engagement for having such a fun night! The Eras Tour night was AMAZING, with lots of special giveaways, music, and overall theme. SO GOOD!

Mattson Putt SUCCESS

The women weren’t the only ones with a big win last night. The infamously tricky Mattson Putt saw a VICTOR last night. This guy won $5,000 and earned the love and respect of everyone in the Ferrell Center.

Men’s Basketball Defends The Ferrell

The men kept the wins coming with a solid 99-61 win over Kansas City.

Jayden Nunn was on fire last night, scoring 25 points, including 4 three-pointers. The best part? After every three he makes, Nunn stares down whoever is closest to him. He stared down the Kansas City coach, the REFEREE, and a Baylor fan sitting courtside. Absolutely iconic.

Equestrian Finishes Fall at #8

Bear of the Day

Today’s Bear of the Day is Austin Sacks! Last night Sacks sunk a three in the last couple minutes of the game, his first career points as a Bear.

Y’ALL. Last night was truly one of the greatest in my history of attending Baylor Athletics! Still not over how much fun the crowd was and how great our teams are. Sic ‘Em Forever!!