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DBR: Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Volleyball Jumps to #9 in AVCA Poll

After their win over #3 ranked Wisconsin, Baylor moved up to #9 in this week’s AVCA Poll. Other Big 12 teams in the Top 25 include Texas (#1) and Kansas (#20).

Depth Chart Released for Saturday

Yesterday, the depth chart for Baylor’s upcoming matchup against Albany on Saturday was released.

Single Digits Awarded

The tradition continues as single-digit numbers were announced. Joe Goodman breaks it down here.

Breaking News: Baylor is Fast

Our football team is stacked with talent, and in case you forgot or needed more evidence, Coach Aranda said that 12 players ran over 20 MPH in Saturday’s scrimmage. Baylor football is too fast for school zones and most streets on campus. Sic ‘Em.