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DBR: Thursday, November 16th, 2022

George looks up at Adam Flagler after making an And-1 Three. @JackMack1998 on Twitter

Big Matchup This Saturday!!!

Be there early this Saturday to watch the Big Noon Kickoff Show before Baylor faces off with number 4 ranked TCU.

McGhee With the Major Milestone

Baylor Volleyball’s Kara McGhee hit 500 total blocks on her career!

XFL Draft Includes Multiple Bears

Topped off by the number one pick of Abram Smith, a total of 4 bears also including K.D. Cannon, Raleigh Texada, and Jameson Houston were selected by various teams in the XFL Draft.

Volleyball Wins!

Our ladies pulled in a 3-1 dub over Iowa State last night.

Four Bears Chosen to be Honored by SACE

Jasmine Gryne, Josh White, Mackenzie Anthony, and Langston Love are the November Champions of the Month.

Scruff’s Is The Move Friday Night

Fox is bringing their team and even their robot out to Scruffy Murphy’s on Friday at 10pm. Be there or be square.

Big weekend coming up. Let’s finish this week strong. Sic ‘em bears!