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Daily Bears Report: Tuesday, September 1

It's Game Month. Things are mostly quiet, which is strange considering the amount of hype you should all be feeling right now.

Tion Wright, #3
Tion Wright, #3

News Around the Big 12

Baylor has been extremely stable for the past week. The rest of the college football world is in constant flux. Notre Dame transfer Everett Golson is the man at Florida State. We have no idea who will start at quarterback for Ohio State or Tech. Alabama has three starting quarterbacks.

Seth Russell waits, dreaming.

I'm going up to SMU on Friday, so if anyone wants to meet up before the game, let me know on twitter. Meanwhile, here's the news.

Both Baylor and TCU swear the state of Texas' biggest battle isn't a rivalry -

The Big 12's two best hopes have redefined Texas football. There's plenty of hate, but neither side's officials want to call it a rivalry. Yet. The fans are certainly okay with doing so, though. This is a great read for both sides of the battle.

Paths to College Football Playoff should be the same distance in each conference | The Kansas City Star

A good look at the problems that plague the Big 12, and how the traits the selection committee see as weaknesses should be considered strengths.

The Future of the Big 12 Football Conference | Houston Press

Big 12 expansion is viewed as an inevitability by many, and Houston wants a ride to the party. With their recent recruiting, they may just get one.

Baylor defense ready to shoulder load in push for Big 12 title, playoff | The Star-Telegram

Shawn Oakman and the gang want to make life as easy as possible for Seth Russell. If they succeed, Baylor could carry home a national championship.

Big 12 bold predictions for 2015 - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

Are they really that bold? No. But Jake Trotter makes a few pretty level-headed predictions about the coming season.

Big 12 could reemerge in playoff era better than ever - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

This is the bolder prediction of Trotter's two articles, but it's written as fact. Trotter argues that the eventual return of Texas and Oklahoma is an inevitability, and the combination of them with Baylor and TCU would make the Big 12 a powerhouse again. It's a brutal game of King of the Hill.

Art Briles Press Conference Video

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">ICYMI - Here is the complete <a href="">@CoachArtBriles</a> <a href="">#SicSMU</a> press conference: <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Baylor Football (@BUFootball) <a href="">August 31, 2015</a></blockquote>

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There is analysis of the video elsewhere on the website, but I want to include it here in case any of you missed it. Now, I'm off to watch the transfer window like a hawk to see if QPR manage to hold on to Charlie Austin.

Three sleeps.