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Daily Bears Report: Tuesday, August 18

Welcome to the Daily Bears Report. In today's edition, we talk a little bit about football, a little bit about soccer, and a little bit about volleyball.

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Baylor Football

Inside CampBU took a look at the running game yesterday and interviewed redshirt running back Terence Williams. Learn his name now. It's not Terrance Williams; he is not the second coming of the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver. There is only one R and there is no A. Williams is an absolute bruiser of a back and I can't wait to see him in action this year. I actually had a run-in with Terence a few years back, when my high school (Whitehouse) beat Ennis narrowly in a playoff game, but Williams posted gaudy numbers and seemed to average upwards of eight yards per carry. I can't wait to see how his game translates to the next level.

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The backs we're most likely to see this year are Shock Linwood, Devin Chafin, Johnny Jefferson, Terence Williams, and Wyatt Schrepfer in that order. Linwood has been consistent in his time as a starter and Chafin, though often sidelined by nagging injuries, appears to be a redux of Glasco Martin with a much higher ceiling. Jefferson has show flashes of potential but is looking for a breakout season and Williams will fight for reps in Chafin's role. Schrepfer, having taken on Silas Nacita's #31 jersey, will be the grinder that takes on mop up duty and averages a touchdown per cupcake.

Baylor Volleyball

There isn't any news out of volleyball camp per se, but I walked through practice in the SLC at two points today and volleyball practice appears to be uptempo and exciting. I'll definitely go to at least a few games this semester and report back with more details. The fall scrimmage is on Saturday at 10 a.m.

Baylor Soccer

There's no breaking news out of the soccer program right now, but the first game against South Florida is this Friday evening at 7 p.m. in Waco. I know nothing about USF's women's soccer program, but their men's squad is quite good and one of their graduates recently signed with Queens Park Rangers in the SkyBet Championship, England's second division which still happens to be one of the most talented leagues in the world. Baylor will host Michigan State three days later on Monday, August 24.


Welcome Week starts tomorrow. I know that members of the Golden Wave Band and some second year students are already moved back onto campus, but thousands of students, most of them freshman, will be flooding back into Waco tomorrow and Thursday. If any of you are reading this, welcome! You'll love it here, and make sure to run the Line every single game. The players appreciate it, and so do the students in charge of keeping y'all hyped up, whether they be band members, Chambermen, or spirit squad members. Also, get involved. Nothing is worse than spending all your time in your room because you're too "tired" to go out and do something stupid. You're going to be tired anyway, you're a college student. Might as well have fun while you're trying not to fall asleep.

17 more days.