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The Daily Bears Report is Back!

After an extended summer hiatus, the Daily Bears Report is returning to bring you every bit of news that an increasingly busy site can't afford a full article for.

A stunning photo of Chance Waz (18) and Tre'von Armstead's butt
A stunning photo of Chance Waz (18) and Tre'von Armstead's butt

Some of you probably noticed the recent absence of the Daily Bears Report. For that you have my sincere apologies. Between my adventures in Europe and the near-complete dearth of summer Baylor news, the DBRs began to slip my mind and I eventually called them off for the remainder of the summer. Now they're back, and they want their revenge. Lets get right to it.

Baylor Football

In 18 days, Baylor will take the field against SMU in Dallas for their season opener. It will also be Chad Morris's first game at the helm for the Mustangs. While we're all very interested to see what Morris brings to the table at SMU, we're far more intrigued by the future of Baylor's offense under Kendal Briles and Seth Russell- two cowboys in what has otherwise been an uninterrupted assembly line of offensive greatness. Briles the Younger and Russell are both more likely to take risks, which can lead to some spectacular moments.

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In yesterday's episode of Inside CampBU, John Morris got up close and personal with a massive and very tired LaQuan McGowan, who spoke about the first scrimmage in full pads, the transition to tight end, and his favorite part about hurdling down the field with the ball tucked away in one of his massive hands. I love him.

Eyewitnesses say the scrimmage, held on Saturday, went very well for Seth Russell, who threw multiple touchdowns and had his rushing numbers nerfed by the minimal contact of the scrimmage that called plays dead immediately when a quarterback broke loose down the field. KD Cannon remained sidelined with a hip flexor injury that coaches insist is not serious.

Baylor Soccer

The Coaches Jobson had little to complain about as Baylor Women's Soccer cruised past their second exhibition opponent in Abilene Christian. Players insist that they started slowly, but a fairly prolific offensive showing carried Baylor to an easy victory in their last warmup before the beginning of the regular season.

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Freshmen scored three of the four goals. The fourth, a penalty, was scored by senior Bri Campos.

Hopefully the recent United States Women's World Cup victory will bring larger crowds out to see Baylor Soccer this fall. The regular season kicks off on Friday against USF at 7 p.m. in Waco.


The Heisman campaign for Baylor long snapper Jimmy Landes is heating up. Last night, Landes gave us his best Dude Perfect impression by long snapping a football off the upper deck of McLane Stadium into a trash can set up at the base of the goal post. Landes fulfills his role as a long snapper beautifully on the field; it's incredibly rare to see him make a mistake. The Tyler native played catcher for Baylor's baseball team for two years and wants to go into petroleum engineering and make obscene amounts of money if he can't make obscene amounts of money throwing a ball backwards between his legs in the NFL.

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