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Wednesday Daily Bears Reports

Wow, there's a whole lot of not much to talk about in direct relation to Baylor today. So instead, we're going to talk about general sports news, collegiate and otherwise.

NCAA Baseball Tournament: Super Regionals Set

The eight NCAA Super Regionals contain the 16 remaining teams in the 2015 NCAA baseball tournament. A few of the major powers of college baseball this year are still hanging around. The most interesting and most unwatchable matchup for most of us Baylor fans will be Texas A&M at TCU. Instead of pulling for either team, I suggest we hope that the stadium gets sucked into a time loop in a parallel universe where the Aggies and Frogs are stuck playing an endless baseball game that no one but themselves can watch.

Maryland (42-22) at Virginia (37-22)

No. 8 Missouri State (48-10) at Arkansas (38-22)

Virginia Commonwealth (40-23) at No. 5 Miami (47-15)

Florida State (44-19) at No. 4 Florida (47-16)

Louisiana-Lafayette (42-21) at No. 2 LSU (51-10)

Texas A&M (49-12) at No. 7 TCU (47-12)

Vanderbilt (45-19) at No. 6 Illinois (50-8-1)

Cal State Fullerton (37-22) at No. 3 Louisville (46-16)

Knowing that Baylor at their peak was capable of beating several of these teams makes me hopeful that the new coach will have the necessary talent to turn things around next year. No. 1 overall seed UCLA didn't escape their regional. Regional favorites Dallas Baptist, Houston, and Oklahoma State also failed to make it to this round. VCU, the fourth seed in their region, survived three teams with superior records and resumes to get where they are now. Vandy salted the earth in their regional, beating Radford 21-0 to advance.

Women's College World Series

Softball season ends tonight with the rubber match between Florida and Michigan for the national championship. The also-rans include Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn, LSU, Oregon, and UCLA. I've got to lean in Florida's direction tonight, personally. Michigan's Haylie Wagner threw a shutout after going two weeks without a start, and after reaching so deep into the bullpen for survival purposes, I don't see the Wolverines being able to weather another round of Florida, who have their backs against the wall for the first time in the postseason.

I actually like Baylor's chances of making another WCWS run next year. We return plenty of firepower, Shelby Friudenberg will be better than ever, Kendall Potts will have more experience in the circle, and Heather Stearns will have developed into a legitimate ace.

The Daily Bear

Anyway, I'm going to be on a train almost all day tomorrow, but I'll try to get on it if anything interesting goes down.