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Monday Daily Bears Report

Baseball is off the floor of the Big 12 table after winning a series against Kansas. Softball records an important sweep.


I'm currently in group project purgatory, so my mind is a bit clouded as I cobble together this report. The NFL Draft went reasonably well (though perhaps not as well as several Baylor players would have hoped), but all five players that we had hopes for have found at least a temporary home in the NFL with a real shot of making a week one roster.

Baseball Wins Kansas Series 2-1

The score of Baylor's rubber match versus Kansas was 14-4. It was one of those rare, beautiful moments when Baylor's inconsistent offense and inconsistent defense were both working at the same time, and the result was beautiful baseball. In the sole loss of the series, Baylor managed an exceedingly rare triple play.

It's important to treasure the happy moments in a rough season, and this series was definitely one of them. It seems worth mentioning that the Baylor offense is much more potent with Darryn Shepard in the order.

Softball Sweeps Kansas

Softball allowed three runs and scored 17 over the weekend in a series where Kansas never really had a chance. The Baylor bullpen held up better than usual and the offense was in rare form. Shelby Friudenberg now has 16 home runs as a true freshman. She's a monster. If you run at her fast enough she'll probably take a metal stick and knock your head into Travis County.

Track Spends Weekend at Longhorn Invitational

Olicia Williams set a school record in the women's 800m over the weekend at the Payton Jordan Invitational in California, taking fourth in the event. Most of the team, however, was in Austin.

Derwin Graham got second in the 3000m steeplechase, and Trayvon Bromell set a 2015 NCAA and stadium record in the 200m with a blazing 20.19.

The Daily Bear

The Daily Bear is here for the exclusive purpose of ruining your day.

The academic year is wrapping up, which means we'll soon be heading into the long darkness of the offseason, where the Daily Bears Report becomes an elaborate excuse for me to write about Major League Soccer and a place where we try our best to care about which Baylor player made a pre-preseason award watch list that includes more than half the players at their position in the country.

I have faith that we will survive, however. We did it before, we can do it again.

Football is coming.