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Tuesday Daily Bears Report

Brackets are set for the Lafayette regional, baseball plays a game, and there's been some turnover in the women's basketball program.

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Baseball Hosts UTSA

fter eight days off, Baylor Baseball will host UTSA this evening at 6:30 p.m. at Baylor Ballpark. It's the last non-conference opponent of the year for Baylor, who will host Texas this weekend to close out the regular season before the Big 12 Tournament.

It's no secret that Baylor hasn't been very good this year, occasionally showing flashes of brilliance but being consistently outperformed by historically lesser programs. The best we can hope for is to finish the season on something resembling a strong note and regroup for next year. It certainly hasn't helped that players capable of providing a spark like Darryn Sheppard have struggled with injuries.

Bracket Set for Lafayette Softball Regional

The double-elimination regional in Lafayette will include Baylor, Mississippi State, Weber State, and Louisiana Lafayette. Competition begins on Friday at 5:30 with Baylor vs. Mississippi State, to be followed by Weber State vs. Louisiana Lafayette. On Saturday, the winners of game one and two will play while the losers play for survival. The loser of game three will then play the winner of game four for survival, followed by game six between the remaining undefeated team and the survivor, and game seven if necessary. Only the first place winner will move on to the super regional.

The entire setup is tricky. Baylor can either try to play the long game and preserve Heather Stearns, or try to jump out to an early lead and let the other teams eat each other. Coach Moore has his work cut out.

WBB Roster Turnover

Shehan, number one friend of the blog in the Twittersphere and in our hearts, has been close to the program for a long time. He can't confirm the exact reason for the departures, but hypothesizes that in Small's case it's a matter of playing time moving forward.

It's hard to tell how the loss of Small and Buckner will impact the Lady Bears if at all. The impending addition of multiple five star recruits to the roster will probably cushion the potential impact on the team's depth, as Small rarely cracked the rotation and I can't recall any of Buckner's contributions in the last season.

Good luck wherever you end up, ladies.

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