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Thursday Daily Bears Report

It's draft day!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Softball Loses to UTSA

Baylor's defense was pretty much fine, but the offense left twelve runners stranded over the course of the game in a loss that the team will look back on as a missed opportunity more than anything. UTSA's record is excellent this season, so this loss, while inconvenient and frustrating, is certainly not objectively bad.

Official: Baylor Schedules Utah

Baylor has scheduled a home and home series with the Utes for 2023 and 2024, first in Waco and then out west. If both programs maintain their recent success, this will be a very solid series when it finally rolls around. Early math shows that I could theoretically have a child in preschool by that time. For all we know, ODB may not exist; if it does, we may not be the ones running it. Does that sadden you? It should.

NFL Draft Begins Tonight

Baylor has a few potential draft prospects that could hear their names called this weekend. The most obvious is Bryce Petty, who has been projected as high as the second round (with some daring analysts saying he could sneak into the first) all the way down to the fifth. There is recent speculation that Petty is the best pure passer in the draft despite lacking the polish of Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota. Bryce has been linked to the Bills, the Saints, and the Rams in recent days, but could end up anywhere.

Antwan Goodley, Bryce Hager, and Spencer Roth would also like a shot at the league. It's likely Goodley goes sometime in the later middle rounds and Hager in the late rounds. Roth and Levi Norwood could sneak in, but it's more likely that they'll sign on as free agents. This year's small draft class will be made up for by the huge amount of talent coming out next year.

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