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Friday Daily Bears Report

A&T Nationals and the beginning of postseason tennis. It's a big day.

This picture causes me and my unflexible brethren considerable pain.
This picture causes me and my unflexible brethren considerable pain.

A&T Wins Eight Individual National Titles; Team Championships Today

NCATA Nationals is divided into team competition and individual competition (in which women work in smaller units, not necessarily as individuals like the name implied). Baylor won eight of these individual events yesterday, including 5 Element Acro, Pyramid Heats 1 and 2, Tumbling Duo, Tumbling Trio, Tumbling Quad, and Tumbling Aerial. That's a lot of tumbling. Sophomore Kiara Nowlin was the most decorated competitor, helping win five of the titles. Nowlin, Shayla Moore, and Keegan Johnson were named All-Americans.

Team competition starts today, when Baylor goes against King at 1:45.

Big 12 Tennis Tournament Begins

Women Begin Today, Men Tomorrow

Technically, the men's competition begins today but Baylor won't play until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the women's competition begins today for Baylor and every other competitor. The four quarterfinals are listed as Oklahoma State (3) vs. Kansas (6), Texas Tech (2) vs. Oklahoma (7), Baylor (1) vs. Kansas State (8) and TCU (4) vs. Texas (5). Baylor should play at 6:30 p.m. but will start thirty minutes after KU-TTU ends.

Baseball vs. Kansas State

Baylor and K-State are both 5-10 in Big 12 play. It's a mediocrity battle, and sometimes those are the best kind to watch.

Softball Hosts Iowa State

Iowa State, the Big 12 school without a baseball team, does have a softball team. Baylor is coming off of a very lucky brush with Sam Houston State, winning the first game 1-0 and heading down the path towards a loss in game two before being bailed out by a weather cancellation.

John Heard, Free, Becomes Lacrosse Superstar

In this episode of "Why ODB Loves Sports Today," watch John Heard of Baylor Basketball fame reach his final evolution as a marauding lax bro.

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