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Wednesday Daily Bears Report

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Manu Lecompte Commits to Baylor

Transfer guard Manu Lecompte of Miami committed to Baylor yesterday. The 45% 3-point shooter hails from Belgium originally and was one of the more prized transfer prospects in this cycle. He'll have to sit out a year, but he'll add valuable depth after the departure of Lester Medford and could form a dangerous trio with a more developed Al Freeman and scoring machine King McLure, who will arrive at Baylor for next season. Josh DeMoss hunted down some film of Lecompte going up against reigning national champion Duke last season.

Welcome, Manu! We're glad to add another national flag to the Baylor Basketball pantheon and I'm sure your name will give fits to Baylor fans who pull for the Rockets or Mavs.

If you'll recall, I mentioned unassumingly that we might get a commit yesterday. We got one. From this point on, assume that the Daily Bears Report speaks three languages: English, German, and prophecy.

Baseball Defeats Lamar

It would have been really bad if we'd lost this one. Offense was solid, scoring eight runs, but pitching and defense left something to be desired, allowing six. Typical 2015 Baylor Baseball: getting one thing right at a time.

Softball Hosts Sam Houston State

Baylor Softball will play Sam Houston State at 4 p.m. in Getterman Stadium. Baylor is coming off of a series loss to Oklahoma that exposed a lack of pitching depth, but the Bears are excellent whenever Heather Stearns is in the circle. Shelby Friudenberg was named Big 12 Hitter of the Week for her performance in three games against Oklahoma, and the true freshman has already set a Baylor record for home runs by a freshman with much of the regular season left to go.

MBB Offseason Olympics

Baylor Basketball has decided to commit atrocious crimes against every other sport over the offseason. So far they've tried gymnastics, football, rowing, and soccer among others, and they're taking suggestions on twitter. Want to see Rico ride a horse? Want to see Ish play water polo or the rest of the team try curling without any Canadians to guide them? Tweet @BaylorMBB with your requests and a place in Central Texas where said sport can be played.

I need the Rico Gathers roller derby.

The Daily Bear

Look at this bear on roller skates. Look at him. What a sir.