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Tuesday Daily Bears Report

Baseball is going to let us know tonight if their apparent progress is real or a mirage. Nina Davis is still good.

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Baseball Hosts No. 20 Houston

Baylor Baseball has won their last two series against West Virginia and Oklahoma, as well as a one-time matchup at UT-Arlington. In each of said series, Baylor has dropped the third and final game and been significantly outpitched. As best as I can tell, this stems from a lack of depth in the bullpen. We should see Baylor's best shot today, and if they can get the win over Houston I may start to believe. Theron Kay (3-1) is expected to start on the mound for the Bears.

Nina Davis Named Wooden All-American

In addition to being named to the OKC All-Region team along with Niya Johnson, Nina Davis has been named a Wooden All-American, one of five finalists for the prestigious award who will be flown to Los Angeles for a ceremony on April 10 where the winners of the mens and womens awards will be announced. Congrats, Nina!

Miscellaneous Reading

Poor Tennessee. One minute they have Bruce Pearl and Phillip Fulmer and are winning SEC championships and making tournament runs, the next they're living on prayer and recruiting rankings and scrambling for a new basketball coach. As we've risen, they've fallen. Sports are brutal.

If you follow Jon Rothstein on Twitter you may have noticed some... trends in his tweeting habits. For one more day at least, this is March.

The Daily Bear

Today's Daily Bear is notable composer Bear McCreary, notable for composing the scores of Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead. He makes bears everywhere proud.