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Tuesday DBR: New Memorials

Round Rock is dedicating a special new memorial to the Immortal Ten, and Baylor Baseball hopes to build upon some recent success.

Baseball Plays at UT Arlington

Baylor baseball is making a short trip up I-35 today to play UT Arlington. The Mavericks (12-9) have lost five of their last six meetings with Baylor, but look to be the stronger team this year, at least in terms of wins and losses. Baylor will likely start freshman Theron Kay on the mound.

Immortal Ten to be Honored in Round Rock

If you're a Baylor alumnus, you know the story of the Immortal Ten well. If you're a prospective student, you soon will. The City of Round Rock, site of the 1927 tragedy. Round Rock will be constructing the "Immortal Ten Bridge" downtown on Mays Street where the train and bus collided as part of an effort to revitalize the community and establish a historic downtown district. The project was kickstarted by a $100,000 donation by Union Pacific Railroad, which runs under the bridge that now crosses the tracks. Well done, Round Rock. Many of us will be visiting.

Eulogizing Big 12 Basketball Season

David Ubben takes a look at the NCAA Tournament and wonders what went wrong for the conference. As we know, Iowa State and Baylor, two of the best teams in the league, were upset in the round of 64, and none of the other usual suspects lasted much longer, save for Oklahoma and West Virginia, who play Michigan State and Kentucky respectively. The likelihood of either surviving to the Elite Eight is slim given Michigan State's momentum. Was the Big 12 weaker than we all thought, or did it get arrogant and choke at the worst possible time? We may never know.

The Daily Bear

I can't tell if this is an act of consolation or a brutal murder in progress. We'll report our findings tomorrow, which will be a much busier day for Baylor Athletics.