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Monday DBR: Scott Drew's Magical Austin Invasion

MBB goes to Texas, Tennis had a fun weekend, and Equestrian fell on the road for the first time this year.

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MBB in Austin Tonight

Texas did considerable damage to the dream of five true champions on Saturday night when they narrowly lost to Kansas at the Phog. Now both the Horns and Baylor, exhausted from KU and Press Virginia just two days ago, must face off in a Big Monday matchup in Austin. Texas is desperate for a tournament bid, Baylor is gunning for a No. 3 seed come Selection Sunday. The game is at 6 p.m. CST on ESPNU. Have your butt in a seat, ideally in Austin but at least in front of a television.

This great little write-up on Taurean Prince will really help you appreciate how special some of Baylor's athletes are. Prince beat the odds growing up in a broken home in San Antonio and worked his way to the top of his high school depth chart before a wild recruitment led to him signing with Baylor.

Men's Tennis Offs No. 11 Virginia

Baylor knocked off the Cavaliers for the second time in three weeks after taking them down at ITA Nationals in Chicago. The resume just builds itself.

The recent social media coverage of all Baylor sports has improved drastically, and my favorite feature is posting video clips of tennis matches shortly after real-time. It gives a face to the thletes that we always hear about but don't see nearly enough.

Two Big 10 Wins for Women's Tennis

The road woes seem to be over as Women's Tennis throttled two good Big 10 programs on their home courts this weekend.

Equestrian Loses Two on the Road

This was disappointing but ultimately inevitable. The nature of collegiate equestrianism means that road meets will always result in the away team's riders working with horses they've never met. That's like saying that every NCAA football stadium is allowed to be a different size and provide a differently shaped football. The losses to Kansas State and Oklahoma State aren't ideal, but don't badly blemish a stellar season.

Lady Bears Lose Two Straight, Host Tech Tonight

The Lady Bears lost by five on the road at Iowa State in a unicorn-rare second consecutive loss. After drowning every puppy in Ames, Kim Mulkey probably remembered that she's already got another Big 12 championship locked down. Not much remains for this team- a No. 1 seed is a dream now, but a deep tournament run seems inevitable assuming these two losses haven't exposed any real issues. They play Tech at 7 p.m. CST in the Ferrell Center tonight.

Baseball Swept by Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Fullerton's offense couldn't be stopped as they swept Baylor in two blowouts and a narrow win. It continues the pattern of radical inconsistency we've seen from Steve Smith's team this year, and we likely won't know how good this team is for a while yet.

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