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Wednesday DBR: Pro Day

This may be the last time Spencer Roth graces the cover of the Daily Bears Report.
This may be the last time Spencer Roth graces the cover of the Daily Bears Report.
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Baseball Pulls Saint Patrick's Day Miracle

Baylor Baseball won a game, and there was much rejoicing. Granted, it was against 9-12 Sam Houston State, but it was still a win, and that means something.

It took an extra inning, but Matt Menard's RBI in the 10th sealed a win for Baylor. The green team won.

Baylor plays their second game against Sam Houston State this evening at 6:30 in Waco.

Baylor Football Pro Day

Pro day is today, so Baylor's graduating football seniors will have a chance to show off for pro scouts. Bryce Petty, Antwan Goodley, Bryce Hager, Spencer Roth, and others potentially have a lot to gain from today. Petty can confirm his place as the third-most valued quarterback in the draft, Goodley can work on breaking press coverage, and Hager can confirm that his general beastliness is capable of transferring to the NFL. Coverage starts at 10:30 Central.

March Madness Daily Guide

16 seeds North Florida and Robert Morris will play today at 5:30 Central, to be followed by 11 seeds Dayton and Boise State at 8. Baylor fans may have a slight investment in North Florida, as their coach is a product of the Scott Drew coaching tree. If North Florida beats Robert Morris, they'll advance to play Duke. Dayton and Boise State are fighting over a date with Providence.

Softball Sweeps Houston

Sarah Beth Toben was credited with both wins after coming in late in each game, allowing one hit in three scoreless innings. Multiple players had multiple hits in both games, but Coach Moore noted in the postgame that despite the upside and quality play of the team so far, he feels like pitching has stagnated somewhat and he sees unfulfilled potential in the team as a whole.

Women's Tennis Shuts Down Miami

Baylor is steadily mowing down the rest of the top 25 after beat No. 14 Miami yesterday by a score of 4-2. Blair Shankle was also named the first Big 12 player of the week for 2015.

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