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Monday DBR: What're We to Do With All These Wins?

Corporal Wotjak the Bear is pleased with all this victory.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

That pretty much sums up the contents of today's report. Let's get to it.

Softball Sweeps Getterman Classic for 5-0 Start

Heather Stearns became one of the most reliable second pitchers in college softball last year and looks to pick up where she left off. Baylor softball took off for a fast start without Whitney Canion to win the home tournament.

Acrobatics & Tumbling Win First Meet of Season

Baylor won its first meet with Felicia Mulkey as head coach. Mulkey, hired from Oregon over the summer, was responsible for multiple Ducks national titles.

Equestrian Dispatches Texas A&M

Equestrian looks more and more unstoppable as the season goes on after finishing off No. 6 Texas A&M this weekend in Waco. If this continues, a Baylor national championship looks inevitable. The road ahead is not easy, however; the regular season ends with a long line of road trips to TCU, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, South Carolina, and Auburn.

Women's Tennis Throws Down Two Shutouts

Prairie View A&M and Maryland never had a chance as Baylor downed both without dropping a single match on Sunday.As the embedded tweet above says, this is the fourth 8-0 start in program history as the team tries to make it to Nationals in Waco later this year.

Men's Tennis Gets Away Win at Tulsa

Tulsa had more fight in them than several other recent Bears opponents, but Vince Schneider clinched a fairly easy victory for Baylor Men's Tennis, which is having almost as good of a season as their female counterpart.

MBB/WBB Secure Key Road Wins

After taking another away win at Texas, the Lady Bears are only a few more contests away from finishing Big 12 play undefeated. Their opponents aren't slouches, but it's hard for me to buy that a team in the conference will get the better of Nina Davis and her band of marauders.

Meanwhile, Scott Drew coached one of the best games of his career again and recovered from an early timeout to lead Baylor to a thrashing of West Virginia in Morgantown. The debate is less about whether Baylor will make the tournament or not and more about their seed.

The general consensus is that if Baylor keeps up their current pace, they'll be either a three or a four seed.

Baylor takes on Oklahoma State at 6 p.m. CST in the Ferrell Center. Be there making stupid noise if you're a student or local. Be on your couch making stupid noise if you're not a student, not a local, and don't have legs to allow you to stand up and make stupid noise.

The Daily Bear

Corporal Wotjek the Bear: emblem of the 22nd Transport Company, Polish Military. Wotjek (Polish for "smiling warrior") was a Syrian Brown Bear adopted by the Polish military in 1942. The soldiers fed Wotjek milk from an empty vodka bottle and over time he developed an affinity for both smoking and eating cigarettes, while beer became his drink of choice. After the war, Wotjak was embedded with a Polish detachment in Scotland and lived out his days in the Edinburgh zoo.