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Wednesday DBR: National Signing Day

In a few hours, the 2015 recruiting class will be officially complete, and we can start worrying about 2016 full-time.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

National Signing Day Tweets & Info

The feed is live already, if you want to eavesdrop on SIDs sitting off-camera around a fax machine.

Baylor is expected to sign 17 new players. Keep up with events by watching the livestream and/or following the official Baylor Football twitter account. There's plenty of literature on ODB relating to national signing day as well.

The Secret Life of That Boy Seth Russell

There's nothing here that's actually scandalous, but it's a great piece by personal friend and friend of the blog Shehan Jeyarajah in his first piece as a guest for Dave Campbell's Texas Football.

MBB vs. TCU Tonight

Baylor hosts Kyan Anderson and the much-improved Horned Frogs tonight at 7:30 in the Ferrell Center. The last game between the two teams in Fort Worth went to overtime and was some of the ugliest basketball any of us have ever seen. Baylor has been downright nasty at home this season, dropping only one game all year to Kansas (and honestly, who can fault us for that?). The game will be televised on ESPNEWS.

Lady Bears in Stillwater vs. OSU

I can't find any reading material on this game, so I'll say pretty much what I said yesterday: Oklahoma State isn't close to being what they were last year, but the Lady Bears might be better. Anything can happen, but there's only one team (Oklahoma) that poses any sort of threat to a Baylor conference championship, and Oklahoma State probably isn't it.

Tchoutakian Stages Upset in Dallas

Baylor Men's Tennis player Max Tchoutakian staged a coup of sorts at the RCB Tennis Championships of Dallas:

To even be in this match, Tchoutakian had to upset his own teammate, Julian Lenz. Tchoutakian qualified for the tournament's main draw with the win over Elias.

The Daily Bear

Today's bear looks like the product of a BearNTex comment, but alas, I found him floating out in the regular internet.