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Wednesday DBR: Weird Sports

Baseball can't find its groove, and basketball got weird in the desert.

Everything about this picture is golden.
Everything about this picture is golden.
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball Falls 9-6 to Dallas Baptist

Incredible pitching led the Bears to a domination of Cal Poly, but failed them against visiting Dallas Baptist. Baylor's offense remained potent, but the Patriots were able to answer Baylor's pitching staff in their 9-6 win.

Baseball is back against Kent State on Friday at Baylor Ballpark.

MBB Survives Texas Tech 54-49

Baylor turned in their worst offensive performance of the season in Lubbock after several long shooting droughts, but managed to hold the Red Raiders to a measly 49 points to guarantee the win. Taurean Prince was the savior of the team with 22 points. At times it almost felt like Scott Drew was experimenting, at one point playing Austin Mills and Ish Wainwright at the same time. Still, a road win is a road win in the Big 12, and now Baylor can focus on hosting K-State this Saturday at noon.

Baylor is now 19-7, and 7-6 in Big 12 play.

Lady Bears at Texas Tech Tonight

The Lady Bears look to continue the Baylor show in Lubbock tonight when they visit the Lady Raiders. The Lady Bears have maintained their perfect conference record so far, and to keep it intact they'll need to survive the weirdness of Lubbock as well. Sunday's mollywhopping of West Virginia heavily featured freshman Dekeiya Cohen, who brought a nice aggressive element to Baylor's play, but it's still the Nina Davis show until proven otherwise, something we hope Tech comes to realize tonight.

Baylor Has An Addiction

To gold. Last night, Baylor Softball unveiled new helmets, and they're probably the sweetest thing in collegiate softball.

Baylor hosts No. 2 Oregon tomorrow night at Getterman Stadium. The game is a blackout and features two of the biggest names in the sport. Plus we get to see chrome, which has become Baylor University's drug of choice. What are you waiting for? Go watch one of the funnest things Waco has to offer.Dead serious, I was a skeptic too until I went to a softball game and realized I prefer it to baseball.

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