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Monday DBR: Surprise Baseball

Wait, weren't we supposed to be bad at that sport this year?

Unranked Baseball Sweeps No. 13 Cal Poly

It was crazy. Most of us expected that the Bears would avoid being swept, but Baylor looked completely dominant against Cal Poly and were never in any real danger of dropping a game. Of course, it's impossible to know for sure how good anyone is at this point in the season; Cal Poly could end up being a bust and Baylor could win the College World Series. We just don't know.

Softball Picks Up Four Wins

Softball was in Louisiana this weekend, where they played Jackson State and Northwestern State twice each for a total of four wins. None of them were ever in doubt and Heather Stearns set a bunch of personal records.

Granted, neither opponent is very good. But wins are wins.

Women's Tennis Records Two Weekend Wins

Women's Tennis traveled to Rice on Friday and shut out the No. 35 Owls. Sunday was more interesting when No. 14 Clemson took the doubles point. The Lady Bears prevailed and won four singles matches to carry the day, though.

Player development under Joey Scrivano has been fantastic to say the least, and he's put together an excellent, excellent team this year.

Men's Tennis Eliminated in ITA Semis

Baylor Tennis ran a gauntlet at the ITA Indoors in Chicago this weekend. The campaign started against No. 6 Duke, but the Bears won and advanced to take on No. 3 Virginia. After a huge upset, the Bears didn't have enough steam left to take on No. 2 Oklahoma in the semifinals, and fell 4-2 despite winning the doubles point in dominating fashion.

Lady Bears Go Nuclear on West Virginia

It could have been worse. Kim Mulkey was letting freshmen play in the first half, and they weren't the freshmen that normally play in the first half. Nina Davis spent the entire second half beating the already-dead Mountaineer horse. If this team isn't a No. 1 seed come March I'll be furious.

Equestrian Wins Away at TCU

I mentioned on Friday that the only thing that could correct humanity's karmic imbalance from the release of 50 Shades of Grey was a TCU loss. Mission accomplished, ladies. America still has the moral high ground.

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