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Friday DBR: Diamonds are a Bear's Best Friend

Baseball diamonds. No one has the money for real diamonds.

2015 Baseball Season Begins Today

Baylor vs. Cal Poly, Baylor Ballpark, 6:30 p.m.

The first game in Baylor's first baseball series of the year is this evening at Baylor Ballpark against No. 13 Cal Poly. Baylor pitcher Drew Tolson is projected to get the start against the Mustangs, who are coming off a 47 win 2014 campaign. It is the first meeting of the two programs. Like all Baylor baseball games, it will be broadcast live on 1660 ESPN Central Texas.

Men's Tennis vs. No. 6 Duke in Chicago

The toughest competition of the season so far for men's tennis comes against Duke in Chicago at the ITA Indoor Nationals. The match starts in an hour and a half; keep an eye on the embedded twitter account for live updates.

Two Ranked Opponents for Women's Tennis

The challenges keep coming for women's tennis. They make their first trip of the season to No. 35 Rice today at 2 p.m. and return to Waco to host No. 14 Clemson on Sunday. Two wins allow Baylor to remain undefeated and possess one of the best resumes in the country.

Lady Bears Host West Virginia on Sunday

Directly following women's tennis's match against Clemson, the Lady Bears will be taking on West Virginia right across the parking lot in the Ferrell Center. Make a day of it and go witness two important Baylor victories.

Davis is one of six underclassmen nominated for the award. It's amazing to think that barring transfer or injury, Baylor gets two more full seasons out of this girl. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Equestrian Travels to TCU Tomorrow

Because every girl wants to spend Valentine's Day at TCU, No. 1 Baylor Equestrian is going to visit the Frogs this weekend. Baylor edged out TCU back in October, but home field advantage is real in collegiate equestrian, since it determines which horses will be used for competition. Winning this one would be big. TCU losing would also correct humanity's massive karmic imbalance from the release of 50 Shades of Grey.

Track Splits the Party, Travels to Arkansas and Iowa State

Baylor Track is going to Fayetteville over the weekend, but five female runners will be headed to Ames.

The Daily Bear

A live shot of Rico Gathers.