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Tuesday Daily Bears Report

Basketball teams are taking trips up I-35, and the track team is moving up in the world.

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MBB at Oklahoma State


Baylor is putting together a nice conference resume so far. With both Oklahoma games out of the way, as well as half of the Kansas/Iowa State grinder behind them, the team can focus on knocking off some of the conference's weaker teams. Oklahoma State is one of those teams, in a rebuilding year after the loss of Marcus Smart from last season. The Pokes are still a very dangerous squad however, especially at home. Taking care of business against teams like TCU, OSU, and Tech is how Baylor makes the tournament in the best conference in college basketball.

Ubbs has Baylor at fifth in his Big 12 rankings, a place that I think is fair. If we beat Oklahoma State and down Texas at home later this week, we could be poised to move to anywhere from fourth to second based on the performances of other teams.

Lady Bears at TCU

7 p.m. CST, Untelevised

TCU isn't awful with their 12-6 record, and their 4-3 conference record is respectable, but the Lady Bears can score from every position and are in spectacular form. I can't find any tweets that lead me to believe this one will get interesting. The best source for information on this game will be the Lady Bears' twitter account, which as of yet has posted no information on the matchup, but will certainly livetweet it this evening.

Track Climbing in Rankings

Baylor has spectacular athletes like Trayvon Bromell and Felix Obi that will keep the program in the national rankings for the duration of the indoor and outdoor seasons. The next meet is the A&M Invitational on February 6.

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