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Wednesday DBR: NAIAwesome.

A midweek NAIA opponent means it's snack time for Rico Gathers.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

MBB Home vs. Huston Tillotson Tonight

Do I have any idea why we scheduled an NAIA opponent in the middle of conference play? No. But I do know that unless the greatest upset in the history of sports happens tonight, this should be little more than a scrimmage for the Bears, and an absolute rebound feast for Rico. Knock on wood.

The AP even wrote a preview for Fox Sports: Huston-Tillotson-Baylor Preview | FOX Sports

Anyway, the big news item of the week is the home game against Oklahoma that's currently scheduled for Saturday at 5 p.m. on ESPN2. The Sooners have been a bit inconsistent, but so has Baylor. It should be a good one.

Men's Tennis Hosts Illinois

No. 6 Baylor Tennis hosts No. 11 Illinois and has an opportunity to open the team season with a quality win. Julian Lenz is the biggest name on the Baylor squad, and is currently ranked as the fifth-best collegiate player in the country. Tony Lupieri and Felipe Rios are also ranked in the top 125 and combine to form the No. 13 doubles team in the nation. Illinois is not to be underestimated, but Coach Matt Knoll says that this is the best preseason Baylor has ever had. I trust him.

Wolfsburg Host Bayern in Top 2 Bundesliga Clash

There's not a lot to talk about today, but I can't in good conscience leave a DBR as short as this one was shaping up to be. I told y'all that you'd get random Bundesliga updates since I'm in Germany, and here one is.

If a team besides Bayern Munich is going to win the Bundesliga, it's VfL Wolfsburg. The Volkswagen-owned team trails Bayern by 11 points, a deficit that it's unlikely to make up considering Bayern's dominance and the relative parity in the rest of the league. Early bloomers Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Borussia Mönchengladbach have yet to reach 30 points on the season, leaving Wolfsburg as the only other title contender despite a relative lack of star power.

Prediction: Bayern should take this one easily. They're essentially the German National Team with a few upgrades stolen from Brazil and Holland. Manuel Neuer takes his insanity to a new level and nutmegs a defender for a goal. Bayern 3-1 Wolfsburg.

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