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Tuesday DBR: Still 'Cruitin.

It's not over until signing day, and Baylor is still after a few key prospects. The Lady Bears are still amazing.

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Lady Bears Trounce Texas

Striping the Ferrell was extremely successful and looked absolutely great on camera. Nina Davis, Imani Wright, Niya Johnson, and Alexis Prince all head great nights as No. 3 Baylor thumped No. 8 Texas to the tune of a 17-point victory. It won Nina Davis Big 12 Player of the Week honors.

Kris Boyd Plans Midweek Official Visit

After receiving an in-home visit from Baylor yesterday, Gilmer CB Kris Boyd has announced that he will make a midweek official visit to Baylor. Getting Boyd on-campus this late in the process, especially with former teammate Blake Lynch settling in after enrolling early, is a huge deal and could potentially change the game. Don't get your hopes up, but this one seems like a possibility.

Holton Hill is also likely visiting this weekend. Pulling in one of the two would top off the 2015 class nicely.

Tennis News

Men's Tennis hosts No. 11 Illinois tomorrow in Waco. It's a good opportunity for a big team win at the beginning of the season. Women's Tennis hosts Virginia on Saturday after coming off a huge team win over Georgia. If the team's young players pan out, we could see them contend for a national championship in Waco this summer.

Basketball at Home vs. Huston-Tillotson Tomorrow

Who? Yeah, I don't know either, but there's a home basketball game tomorrow. Winning is good and losing is bad. Get there. Our guys are depending on you.

Note: After a bit of quick research, I've learned that Huston-Tillotson is a historically African-American school in Austin. It is affiliated with the Methodist Church. Beyond that I can't really tell you much about the institution other than that they play basketball and they'll be in Waco tomorrow.

Track and Field Indoors at Kentucky

Baylor T&F will be at the Rod McCravy Memorial in Lexington for an indoor track meet this weekend. Indoor events feature athletes like Felix Obi, who won the NCAA title in the triple jump last year. Indoor season gets less attention than outdoor season, but the events are equally as important.

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