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Friday Daily Bears Report: Let's Talk about the Daily Bears Report

Tons of stuff going on in the Baylor world even as offseason gets going in full swing.

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So I just realized a few minutes ago that we didn't post a single front-page article yesterday, January 15.  I hate that.  I can't believe I let it happen.  I am shamefaced.

The Near Future of the Daily Bears Report:

I don't know if you guys follow him on Twitter or not (you should), but our main man Conner is spending all or nearly all of this semester overseas, taking in the sights and having way more fun than you and I are likely to have back here in the States.  While we are in no way angry about that (though insanely jealous), it means that we probably need to replace at least some of his significant contributions to the blog in the short term.  That means the Daily Bears Report.

For those unaware, the Daily Bears Report (or "DBR" for short) is a daily links post with commentary done for the purpose of getting people to the site in the morning and keeping them there all day.  Conner stepped in alongside Matthew Tennant a while ago and has done a tremendous job with it since taking over.  And if he wants to continue doing it in the future, he's more than welcome.  What I'd like to do during EuroTrip 2015, however, is use that as a space to work someone new into the mix.  The DBR is simultaneously challenging (in that writing one every single day gets a little tedious, trust me) and rewarding (as a way to ingratiate yourself to the community and get experience writing on the blog), as well as a critical part of what we do here.

So I'm going to open things up to the community for people who might be interested in helping out in that area.  If you want to email me, please do so at (blog name) (the blog name is all one word) so we can talk about it.  If you've already emailed me about contributing and we just haven't set something up yet, don't be afraid to reach out again.  Also, any of our current contributors that might be interested in stepping in there should email me, too.  Really, anyone can email me at any time for any reason (within reason).

Recruiting Info:

We're in that time of year where new offers are going out left and right for both this and future cycles, the coaches are crisscrossing the state looking for talent and talking to recruits, working tirelessly to finish out 2015 and continue the early momentum from 2016.  I'm throwing all of that information into the monthly recruiting thread for January, which already had ~300 comments in the 15 days prior to this one.  Check it out.

Also, we got a commit yesterday in the form of Waco Midway LB Lenoy Jones, Jr.

Also, also:

Staff Moves:

As Fankhauser reported Wednesday night, Baylor has officially hired former All-Pro CB Cris Dishman as an assistant coach to work with the secondary.  We're not sure which area he'll focus on -- CBs or safeties -- just yet.  From the look of things, Dishman has been working with our guys as a consultant since at least the beginning of this season, meaning there shouldn't be an issue of continuity or familiarity with the players.  He brings tremendous NFL experience as a player and coach to the role, as well as a somewhat fresh face even considering what I just said about continuity.  I'm excited to see how our DBs respond to his tutelage The Waco Trib has a short article about it here.

Also, we reportedly hired a new Quality Control Coach that some of you may remember from his playing days at OU:

Freshman All-Americans:

Congrats, guys!

Pro Day Set:

Love for LaQuan:

Both of our basketball teams are playing tomorrow in Kansas; the ladies in Lawrence and the men in Manhattan. Check back for more later on those games!