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Tuesday DBR: Getting Healthy

Several Baylor stars hope to return to the field this Friday, and tennis season is almost here.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor Injury Report

I still think that Hall/Cannon/Zamora/Platt would be the best receiving unit in the conference if they were forced to burn their redshirts and start the rest of the season.

If Goodley, Coleman, and Cannon are on the field together, does any team in the country have the horses to contain us for long?

Misc. Football

A great corner in the vein of Gilbert/Verrett would be amazing for Baylor's recruiting. Amazing defensive secondary players are getting harder and harder to find.

Great Lariat piece on Silas Nacita.

Around Baylor

Men's Golf

Men's Tennis

Great accomplishment. Congrats, Julian.

Women's Tennis