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Sunday DBR: The Future Was Yesterday

The 2015 Baylor offense dominated Northwestern State last night and gave fans a glimpse of things to come. It was awesome.

Ronald Martinez

Thoughts from Northwestern State

  1. The crowd was... okay. Non-students weren't nearly as loud or numerous as last week, but that's understandable considering opponent and weather. Students left early, which is frustrating, but were loud while they were there.
  2. The Baylor Line didn't run yesterday for the first time in years. It was a combination of lighting, logistics, and stadium personnel not wanting to put undue stress on a field that hasn't been trampled after a heavy rain before.
  3. Baylor's defense was still dominant- Northwestern State would never have scored, but a few moments of special teams ineptitude gave them great field position more than once.
  4. Seth Russell has incredible chemistry with his receivers. His deep ball was perfect all night, hitting Jay Lee, Davion Hall, and three separate KD Cannons for touchdowns.
  5. Baylor's freshman receivers could play as starters and we'd still have a top unit in the conference. I'm not sure quite what Chris Platt and Ishmael Zamora can bring to the table yet, but Hall is becoming more and more reliable and Cannon has moments worthy of an All-American
  6. Xavien Howard has started two games and posted two very impressive interceptions. He's very, very good.
  7. Silas Nacita is running harder than any back on the team. He's consistently moved the ball for two weeks while Linwood and Jefferson get their bearings. His two touchdowns in the second half gobbled up clock time and showed off his skills

Feuerbacher looked gigantic and played well. Caught two passes, but was mistaken for Penning by the PA announcer once.

Around Baylor

Playoff-Relevant Results

The B1G and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

No. 3 Oregon 46-27 No. 7 Michigan State

No. 16 Notre Dame 31-0 Michigan

Virginia Tech 53-21 No. 8 Ohio State

Northern Illinois 23-15 Northwestern

No. 19 Nebraska 31-24 McNeese State

Iowa 17-13 Ball State