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Thursday DBR: The NFL Has Arrived

Baylor has a recent graduate on the roster in tonight's NFL regular season kickoff game. Demetri Goodson made the Green Bay Packers' 53-man roster and will face off against the reigning champion Seahawks tonight. Unfortunately, Meech will be riding the bench with a concussion. Also, two days until more Shawn Oakman.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers are currently host to one of Baylor's most unlikely draft stories: Demetri Goodson. The cornerback began his collegiate athletic career as a basketball player at Gonzaga, but ended as a cornerback at Baylor in a three-man rotation with Joe Williams and KJ Morton. Goodson, considered a swing backup to Morton and Williams, entered the draft with nothing but athleticism on his side. After extensive draft prep, he was selected by the Packers in the sixth round, and managed to make the final roaster (a challenge that many late-round draft picks fail to live up to). He may not be on the field tonight since he's dealing with a concussion, but Goodson's inclusion on an NFL roster is a sign of how far Baylor's talent evaluation and defensive player development have come along. Goodson also has a better resume and more upside than Chance Casey, Baylor's other notable defensive back to play in the league.

Cyril Richardson is settling in at Buffalo. This article is a bit outdated, but tells of Cyril's ability to step up to a starting job at left guard after the Bills' regular starter sustained an injury. Richardson had been playing right guard for most of the preseason, and made huge strides as he learned the system. Coaches say Cyril can be a reliable starting guard in the NFL.

Lache Seastrunk remains an unsigned free agent after being cut by the Washington Redskins three days ago.

Tevin Reese has signed to the Bengals practice squad, and Ahmad Dixon has joined the Vikings practice squad. They'll both be productive players in those roles who will probably get another look at roster spots down the road.

Jordan Najvar is also unsigned. He was cut by the Cowboys for medical reasons after tearing his Achilles tendon last weekend. Before his injury, Najvar had a good shot at a roster spot or a practice squad role.

Both Terrance Lloyd and Chris McAllister were cut by the Texans. They were playing as outside linebackers since they lacked the size to play defensive end at a competitive level in the NFL.

Shawn Oakman is set to start for the Cowboys this weekend.

Northwestern Who?

Yung Shehan breaks down Northwestern State, a team we known nothing about. I'm not sure why a bunch of demons think they can walk into Baptist City, USA and expect to get away with it.

Volleyball Keeps Winning

Volleyball is still in San Marcos, where they will face Wichita State tonight.

Misc. Football

I love learning about our players on a personal level. This is a great read.

Art Briles plays a feature role in this story from on the future of the quarterback.

According to USA Today, McLane Stadium slaps you in the face in the most awesome way possible.