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Friday DBR: The Big 12 Gets Weird on Thursday Night

ConnerSaurusRex and his noble Cy'dkick are headed to Ames this weekend to watch Baylor conquer Iowa State. Get ready. It's gonna get weird.

Sophomore WR Dylan Cantrell hauls in a one-handed catch against Oklahoma State on Thursday night
Sophomore WR Dylan Cantrell hauls in a one-handed catch against Oklahoma State on Thursday night
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Our Daily Road Trip: Ames Edition

My good friend and roommate Fielding Montgomery is a resurrected Civil War officer. He's also from a lifelong Iowa State fan who dies a little bit inside every time Baylor scores on his hapless boys in crimson and gold. As mentioned on last week's podcast, he lives relatively close to Ames. Today, we're catching a flight to Des Moines to watch Baylor play Iowa State in person. This also knocks the second-lengthiest Big 12 road trip off my bucket list (I plan on driving to Morgantown during my senior year).

I'll make a separate post after the actual game tomorrow night to chronicle my experience. My account of Stillwater last season was controversial and filled my inbox with disgruntled messages, but I anticipate a much more positive experience at Iowa State, especially since I'll be meeting up with some of the folks from Wide Right and Natty Lite at Jack Trice.

Tech and Oklahoma State get weird

I went to high school and am on pretty good terms with two players who saw their first significant action last night in Stillwater. The first, true sophomore WR Dylan Cantrell, was responsible for this ridiculous juggling catch.

The second, true freshman QB Patrick Mahomes, was not supposed to play, but desperate times call for desperate and shambling measures. After Davis Webb went down with a shoulder injury, Mahomes came in for a disastrous first drive that ended in an interception, but he was able to get it together down the stretch and hit his receiver in the corner of the endzone for his first career TD. This also means that Tech covered, and I am 0-1 in this week's picks.

Also, OSU's Tyreek Hill is an absolute terror in the open field. I hope Orion Stewart is ready to discourage such insolence.

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