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Wednesday DBR: Well, that was unexpected.

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Breckyn Hager Decommits, Flips to Texas

It's a shame, but Bryce Hager's younger brother Breckyn has elected to follow his father's legacy instead of his brother and play his college ball at Texas. The Hager family has been good to Baylor, and we wish him the best of luck with his decision.

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This is a pretty incredible stat. First, I had no idea that Stanford and South Carolina were so tough at home. The fact that Baylor is actually ranked higher at home that both LSU and Alabama over any stretch is pretty incredible.

Paul Rhoads presser, quotes

VIDEO: Iowa State offensive coordinator Mark Mangino talks Baylor defense. #Cyclones

— Tommy Birch (@TommyBirch) September 24, 2014

I've always liked Paul Rhoads. He's a smart guy who's done more with the Iowa State program than most coaches. He's also pretty insightful. He's one of the only people outside of the Baylor fandom that gets that Baylor is a run-first team when Art Briles has his way. He also understands that his team is outgunned in every possible way, and it will take absolute brilliance on the part of his players and coordinators to keep it close with Baylor. I wish him the best against the rest of the conference, but I hope we destroy him.

Of course, this stat's value as an argument can be dismantled with ease, but it's still interesting. I think temperature is far more relevant than surface, and it's set to be a brisk 66 degrees in Jack Trice on Saturday. There's also a much more radical speed gap between the two teams this year than during Baylor's last two trips to Ames.

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