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Tuesday DBR: Hungry for More

With SMU behind us, we're ready for more Baylor football - and we'll get it in just a few short days.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Students Gobble Up Tickets

Baylor's student body drew the entire student ticket allotment in 23 minutes today, according to the athletic department. The ticketing site was greatly improved this week, placing visitors to the site into a queue that processed requests in order and prompted students to input their information when they reached the "front" of the digital line. All of my friends said everything went well. Standing room only tickets were distributed at the SUB later last night.

Football Injury Updates

WR Cole Edmiston was injured during a special teams play. Sad that his season had to end on day one.

I honestly hope that we give Seth Russell or Chris Johnson the start against Northwestern State. Jordan Najvar came back from this same injury last year after a one-game absence. If Petty can do the same and guarantee his health going forward, it would be worth it.

Better to let Goodley rest as well, especially when Davion Hall and Jay Lee looked solid.

It's crazy to think that out of Baylor's starting five receivers (Goodley, Fuller, Norwood, Lee, Coleman) only two really played on Sunday. Lee had the largest impact, though Norwood made himself known on special teams. KD Cannon and Davion Hall are grown men who could start right now.

Soccer: Baylor 2-1 BYU

Read ODB's recap here.

Cowboys Waive Dixon

Extremely disappointing. Ahmad was a bright spot for the Cowboys in the preseason. I hope someone picks him up.