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Friday DBR: Bizarro Snyderball

Weird, mistake-laden football plagued Kansas State last night as they thoroughly outplayed both Auburn and themselves.

Vaughn Ridley

Weird Football

Auburn Luck beat Snyder Magic last night in the most entertaining and gut-wrenching low-scoring game I've seen in a long time. Just like I predicted on the podcast, things got weird. Kansas State crossed midfield seven times and scored just twice. Three of the other five drives ended in missed field goals, and one ended in a disastrous tip drill interception that would have, could have, should have been a Tyler Lockett touchdown. If Lockett catches that ball, or if two of those field goals are good, the game would have belonged to Kansas State or at least gone to overtime. Alas, ridiculous Auburn Luck prevailed.

So, so many of them.

Around Baylor

Soccer at UTSA, home versus Oral Roberts

Women's Tennis to Florida, Vegas

Cross Country at A&M

Volleyball Weekend Action

2014 Baylor Hall of Fame Class Announced

Baylor added six alumni to its athletic hall of fame yesterday. They are as follows:

Yulanda Nelson (Track and Field, 1996-1999)

Adrian Robinson (Football, 1992-1995)

Jeremy Wariner (Track and Field, 2003-2004)

Richard Stevens (Football, 1967-1969)

Jon Topolski (Baseball, 1996-1999)

Ted Uhlaender (Baseball, 1959-1961)