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Thursday DBR: Long Live The Snydercats

Bill Snyder and his company of able-bodied men play host to Auburn in a Thursday night game that's guaranteed to get weird.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

K-State vs. Auburn

6:30 p.m. CDT | Bill Snyder Family Stadium | Manhattan, Kansas

Nobody goes into a night game in Manhattan feeling terribly comfortable or confident. Auburn is a stout team with a next-generation offense and a well-deserved national ranking. Kansas State is a motley crew of farmers and future Marines led by an aged purple wizard - aged like fine wine, not like your iPhone 4S that's somehow still functional.

Turn on ESPN tonight and watch the Purplebros play their darndest football against the SEC. A win rocks the balance of power in college football. A loss preserves the status quo.

Conner vs. The Machines 2: Successful Podcast

Somehow we recorded a podcast last night. Assuming nothing terrible happens, Peter should have it up soon. Prepare your ears, because I sound nothing like what you think I sound like.