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Sunday DBR: What is Texas?

A mostly good day for the Big 12 has a lot of people reconsidering where the conference sits in the grand scheme of thing. Meanwhile, the rise, fall, rise, and fall of Tyrone Swoopes has a lot of people wondering just what Texas is this year.

Vaughn Ridley

Big 12 Review

The Big 12 had a huge week against out-of-conference opponents. West Virginia pulled out a last-minute victory as a road dog at Maryland. Dana Holgorsen's offense looked to be in full swing once again as the Mountaineers finished off the B1G newcomer and dealt yet another blow to that conference's reputation.

Kansas took a smoking from Duke, but who didn't see that coming?

Tech stuck with Arkansas for three quarters, but a 14-0 deficit in the fourth allowed the Razorbacks to pull away for a 49-28 win. Bret Bielema uses Tech's miserable run defense to argue against the spread because logic is dead.

Iowa State is avenged. The Cyclones walked into Kinnick Stadium without a win to their name. They walked out with a victory against their biggest rival and one of the B1G's remaining undefeateds. The CyHawk Trophy, which never fails to baffle me with its appearance, has returned to Ames. Sleep easy, Clones. You did well.

Oklahoma had an easy time with the visiting Tennessee Volunteers. Tennessee's young defensive line managed to get some push at times, which makes me excited for our matchup in Norman. Zach Sanchez proved his abilities with consistent defense and an extremely athletic interception.Bob Stoops got his win against the almighty SEC, whose bottom-feeders strike fear into the hearts of would-be playoff contenders from weak conferences like the Big 12. Oh, and this:

TCU beat Minnesota, because using a one-dimensional offense against Gary Patterson is both a stupid and classy thing to do. What a classy gameplan, Minnesota.

Oh, Baylor beat Buffalo.

So this leaves us with Texas. Three weeks ago, no one would have guessed they'd be able to hang with UCLA. Fortunately for the Longhorns, UCLA has looked pretty terrible as well. When the Bruins and Horns clashed in Jerryworld last night, no one had any idea what to expect. Texas's offense, capable of a single abysmal touchdown against BYU, put up 17- still not impressive, but not completely lifeless either. Their defense held UCLA to 20 points, 7 of which came in crunch time. Still, allowing a backup quarterback to come in mid-game and dominate the way everyone expected Hundley to doesn't lend much praise to Charlie Strong's defense. What do we think of Texas? What are they capable of? We may not know for few more weeks.

Football Links/Tweets

If that's sharp, then Bryce Petty cuts diamonds like warm butter.

Volleyball Victorious in Tournament Play

Baylor spent the weekend at a tournament hosted by George Washington University, a long road trip for a team that spends most of its time in Big 12 territory.