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Friday Daily Bears Report

Baylor alumni had a great night in the NFL, camp keeps going, and McLane Stadium was hot pink for hours and hours. Just another day at the office.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Preseason News

Baylor had several players make appearances in NFL preseason games last night, and a few made quite the splash. Robert Griffin III had a quiet night, playing only one drive with Washington, but a few more recent draftees were much more active.

Dallas at San Diego

Terrance Williams caught 2 passes for 19 yards in limited time with the first string offense. Tevin Reese made a single 17-yard reception for San Diego in limited first half playing time. Ahmad Dixon was defensive player of the game, with 12 tackles, one for a loss. Dixon was pushing for reps with the starting unit and played most of the game with the second defense, where he was a safety net for a middling front seven. He excelled when the coaches turned him loose in the backfield. Also notable was rookie RB Brandon Oliver out of Buffalo, who put up 64 yards in 7 carries for the Chargers. Oliver was part of Buffalo's team that got walloped in Waco last year.

New England at Washington

Robert Griffin III was quiet, with two completions in one drive that was dominated by Alfred Morris. Lache Seastrunk made a name for himself with 12 touches and 63 yards on the ground. Seastrunk also owned the longest rush of the night. He was not targeted in the passing game.

CampBU – Day 3

Camp continued yesterday and several freshmen interacted with the media. If there's one thing to be said for the class of 2014, it's that its members don't lack confidence.

Ishmael Zamora (#8) is a magnificent specimen.

Davion Hall has reportedly been getting a few reps with the first offense.

Can a semi-truck, a rolling ball of knives, and a cruise missile be the best running back trio in America? Johnny Jefferson thinks so.

McLane Stadium is Pink

McLane Stadium's fire warning systems got a workout last night, and one of the signs of this was an otherworldly pink glow emanating from the scoreboard. The internet got hold of it, and hilarity ensued.

Waco is built on a Hellmouth. If the TCU fire, the TRAIN FIGHTS, the tornado, the Branch Davidians and West didn't convince you, this should.

It just keeps getting better.

Meet the Bears tomorrow!

Meet the Bears starts tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. at the outdoor practice fields in Waco. I hope to see some of you there!