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Thursday Daily Bears Report

I'm out of titles. I'm not creative enough to think of 24 more catchy phrases to stick at the top of the DBR until game day, so today it's just called the Thursday Daily Bears Report. Happy Thursday. We have news for you.

Xavien Howard and Orion Stewart make a West Virginia receiver's day
Xavien Howard and Orion Stewart make a West Virginia receiver's day
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Camp Rolls On

We get more news out of Waco every day, and ALMOST THREE WHOLE MINUTES OF IT IS KAZ KAZADI.

The cold tub will be there through thick and through thin. Now get your butt out there and thank God that it's hot.

Everyone says that Baylors receivers are looking incredible in camp. KD Cannon is a much better route runner than Robbie Rhodes was at this point last year, and Ishmael Zamora is a physical beast.

The above article includes a quote from Phil Bennett regarding Sam Ukwuachu, who is reportedly working out some personal issues and won't be with the team until they're resolved. I don't know any more than anyone else on what Bennett meant, so I won't speculate until I hear more.

Drango is a future NFL player barring horrific slump or injury (knock on wood) and everyone knows it.

Bryce Petty can fly. But those of us who haven't completely repressed our memories of the Fiesta Bowl know that.

Around the Big 12

The big story yesterday was the news that TCU defensive end Devonte Fields is transferring to Stephen F. Austin, where he will be eligible to play immediately. The only winners in this saga are the tackles who no longer have to deal with Fields. Unfortunately, it looks like there is a victim whose life has been changed, and a talented player whose career has taken a significant hit because of his poor judgment.

Bill Snyder reportedly frowned, moved a punter to left tackle, and continued sipping on his mug of black coffee.

Also notable was a hamstring injury sustained by Texas receiver Jaxon Shipley. After the loss of several other receivers to suspension or arrest/dismissal, this was the last thing Texas's offense needed.

Around Baylor

Soccer has been a good program for Baylor. That's likely to continue this year.