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Wednesday DBR: Camp Mania

There once was a man named Coach Art. He coached with passion and heart. His players would run; For us 'twas great fun And we tore the whole conference apart.

Two generations of Baylor receivers gear up for the season
Two generations of Baylor receivers gear up for the season
Shehan Jeyarajah - Baylor Lariat

25. It's a nice round number, isn't it? We toss it around a lot. It's the yard line the ball is placed on after a touchback. It's the number of touchdowns Shock Linwood plans on scoring this year. It's also the number of days until kickoff in McLane Stadium.

#CampBU Day One

There's a LOT of information on Baylor's first day on the practice fields, so rather than bombard you with tweets and links, I'm embedding the twitter feeds of several observers. As you scroll down, you should see pertinent information that will fill you in on yesterday's happenings. If anything really stood out, I'll embed the individual tweet.


Really though, Bryce Petty is incredibly well-groomed and will be an incredible representative for the university when the media at large gets hold of him this fall. He continues the recent trend of well-spoken and lovable Baylor quarterbacks.

Scroll down for a second on Olson. He tweets on a wide variety of topics, but he was at Baylor yesterday and had some great observations.

Phil Bennett quotes are almost as golden as Brilesisms.


  • All present were impressed by Tre'von Armstead's hugeness and athleticism.
  • Many say that KD Cannon looks game-ready. His teammates seem to think he could contribute on the field right now. If he can fight his way to the top of the depth chart, I say let him go for it. He's clearly hungry.
  • Phil Bennett says that the defensive line is deep enough to rotate nine men. I'm pretty sure those nine are Shawn Oakman, K.J. Smith, Sam Ukwuachu, Jamal Palmer, Brian Nance, Beau Blackshear, Byron Bonds, Andrew Billings, and Javonte Magee. That's a pretty imposing group.
  • Chris Sanders is still somewhat hindered by his hamstring.
  • 2016 QB commit Zach Smith was present, and says that he learns something he can use every time he watched Bryce Petty and Seth Russell. Art Briles raises 'em right.

Stadium Notes

It's gonna get delicious.

The term you're looking for is "Waco Food" Mr. Trotter.

Interesting note about McCaw saying no one calls him to schedule Baylor. If I was an AD, the last thing I'd want would be to pit my playoff hopeful team against an offense that is both completely foreign and insanely productive.

FanPost Corner

Per Prashanth's suggestion, whenever I'm browsing a FanPost and I see one that deserves more discussion, I'll link it in here. Today's FanPost comes from Tumbling Dice, who writes about Baylor's status as a sensitive fan base, and why that's a pretty natural thing.

ODB Community Projections

Today ODB will be predicting Rashodrick "Shock" Linwood's season. Linwood was third on the depth chart last year, so he's completely wide open. Some think he'll be a Heisman contender and others think he'll be passed up by Devin Chafin and Johnny Jefferson. Get ready to make a projection.

FINAL NOTE: Remaining single game tickets on sale today!

Check the official Baylor website at 8:30 a.m. (that's an hour from the publication of this post) to battle for single game tickets. Only berm tickets remain for SMU an TCU, with limited seating available for the rest.