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Tuesday DBR: Time to Train

#CampBU really gets under way today as players get on the field for the first time. While we're waiting for news on that front, there are plenty of things to pick apart and a ton of happenings on ODB.

Fringe Monster is ready. Are you?
Fringe Monster is ready. Are you?
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Inside #CampBU

John Morris is back as host of Baylor annual camp feature to give us a look at what goes on behind the scenes in the preseason. Yesterday was mostly prep work and player meetings. Today players will get on the field and really start honing their craft. They've had a long summer with Kaz. Now it's time to eat.

Bears Still Hungry

Baylor players (Antwan Goodley and Shawn Oakman come to mind) have taken issue in the past few weeks with the fact that Oklahoma is favored in the preseason polls after Baylor's thorough drumming of the Sooners in Waco last year. Polls like this one just add fuel to the fire. Winning in Norman this year would be incontrovertible proof that Baylor has arrived and set up shop as a national football power.

Letterwinners Lounge Tour

Baylor great Walter Abercombie gives viewers a personal tour of the new Baylor Letterwinners Lounge at McLane Stadium, where former Baylor athletes can gather to reminisce and watch games in comfort and style. Abercrombie says it's one of the premiere rooms of its kind in the nation. The exclusive area is over 9,000 square feet and will include comfortable seating, televisions, food, and synchronized game clocks.

McLane Stadium Policies Released

I will be putting up an in-depth review of official McLane Stadium policies that were released yesterday shortly after the publication of today's report. Stay tuned.

All the Other Sports

As we dive into football season, it's important to remember that quite a few other Baylor squads are gearing up for their own openers. All of these athletes contribute to Baylor's image and status in the Big 12.

ODB Community Projections Start Today

ODB community projections for the 2014 football season begin today with Bryce Petty! The prediction thread goes up half an hour from the time of publication of this report, so get your brain engines fired up and ready to guess.