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Friday DBR: Acoustics

Last night's Traditions Rally gave Baylor fans a small taste of what McLane Stadium can sound like. Expect it to be one of college football's best venues this weekend.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Traditions Rally wrap-up

Baylor's annual Traditions Rally was held last night in McLane Stadium. It was the first event in the new facility that was open to the public. Attendance estimates range from almost 20,000 (according to the director of Student Activities) to just upwards of 12,000 (my personal estimate). The Waco Tribune-Herald put the number at 17,500 in their official story (tweet embedded below). The crowd was primarily students, but a large number of Wacoans came as well. There was a pep rally and a concert from former American Idol champion Phillip Phillips, but the main attraction was the stadium itself, which fans explored in earnest. Everyone I spoke to was impressed. The event was capped off by a fireworks show.

They also showed the official hype video on the board. The scoreboard speakers alone sent shockwaves through my belly all the way in the north endzone. The bass is incredible. It'll be even better when the entire stadium's sound system is rocking.

Sunday Uniforms Revealed?

Yeah, I'm confused too. During the pep rally, Chance Waz addressed the crowd and said that the team is wearing green and black on Sunday. I don't know if this is true. If it is, I don't know what combination of green and black we plan on using.

McLane Stadium Magazine Released

The Waco Tribune-Herald, which has been on point with its recent coverage of Baylor athletics, released a magazine today chronicling the rise of McLane Stadium. The cover features a spectacular nighttime flyover picture.

Game Day Logistics Aid

The pilgrimage of Baylor fans to Waco this year is a logistical challenge for the city and the school, but local businesses, non-profits, and homeowners are taking advantage of the situation and selling space on their property to use as game day parking. If you plan on coming into Waco for a game this year and don't have a definite parking plan, you can take advantage of one of these options.

Before yesterday I'd never heard of Uber, a ride sharing app designed to compete with taxi services. Uber contracts with independent drivers who use their own cars. It hires drivers only after completing a full vehicle inspection and criminal background check, and allows users to calculate their route in advance and use PayPal or their credit card to pay. Uber collects a 20% commission from its drivers and allows them to pocket the rest. This could be a novel solution to logistical issues on game day and help prevent drunk driving.

Volleyball Season Opener

Volleyball opens their regular season tonight against Abilene Christian at 7 p.m. in the Ferrell Center. This year's team returns quite a bit of talent. Junior Thea Munch-Søegaard is returning from a season-ending injury after looking like the team's best player early last season. Katie Staiger returns from last year and Tola Itiola has had an excellent preseason. The team also features Iowa State transfer Andie Malloy, who played with the Collegiate Women's National Team over the summer.