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Wednesday DBR: Four Sleeps 'til Football

Four days until kickoff. Lots of things happen between now and then.

Jennifer Stewart

Volleyball Christens New Ferrell Center Court

The Baylor volleyball team scrimmaged in the Ferrell Center last night, marking the first official use of the newly-laid Ferrell Center court by a Baylor team. The embedded video gives fans the most extensive look at the new court yet. The new design features the Big 12 logo prominently displayed in the paint, and the arched Baylor logo that the athletic department suddenly seems so fond of.

Volleyball opens its season this weekend in tournament play against Abilene Christian, Portland, and Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. The first game begins friday evening at 7 p.m. in the Ferrell Center.

MBB Uniform Leaked?

Maybe it's Photoshop. Maybe it's Nike Magic.

If this is legitimate (and I'm not sure it is) then it marks a really cool era of continuity in uniform design from football to basketball. Nike is probably almost ready to unveil their next generation of basketball uniforms, so the timing of this leak adds to its potential legitimacy.


McCaw on Student Attendance

That's about how many students were at the Texas and Oklahoma games last year. Maintaining a student section of 10,000 actually gives Baylor a larger student population in the stadium than most D1 schools; by comparison, Oklahoma's student section maxes out at 8,000- an extremely small percentage of the student body.

Homecoming 2014: Stripe the Stadium

Have you ever seen West Virginia stripe their stadium? Baylor plans on doing the same this season, in addition to another blackout game. The stripe pattern will be for Homecoming, which makes me think the OSU revenge game is Blackout 2.0.

Baylor Flips 2015 Punter

Baylor stole an All-American kicker/punter right out from under the U's nose. Andrew Galitz of Rowlett was invited to the Under Armour All-American Game and was committed to the Miami Hurricanes until his switch to Baylor yesterday evening. He has a booming leg and will probably replace Spencer Roth at punter, but is a perfectly capable kicker in case Chris Callahan doesn't work out.


Chris Spielman picks Baylor to win the inaugural College Football Playoff in a triumph over Alabama. He was the only ESPN analyst to do so. Bless you, sir.